Conditional Use Permits


In most cases, businesses selling alcoholic beverages will require a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) from the city or county in which the business is operating. Whether serving a glass of wine at a restaurant or selling spirits at a retail store, a CUP approval from the local governing body will be needed. 

Art Rodriguez Associates is your one-stop operation to obtain both your liquor license and CUP. In conjunction with our experienced liquor license professionals, our in-house seasoned land use entitlement staff and urban planners will deliver your CUP. Art Rodriguez Associates has successfully represented hundreds of clients before zoning administrators and planning commissions to obtain approved CUPs while maintaining great relationships with numerous planning departments.

Art Rodriguez provides the following land use services:


• Feasibility Studies
• Due Diligence Research
• Building and Safety Records research
• Document Preparation
• Plan Editing

• Application Filing
• Public Notice Posting
• Community Outreach Meetings
• Public Hearing Representation
• Effectuation


Plan Approvals


Even when Conditional Use Permits (CUPs) do get approved, there is an expiration date on the approved entitlement. The expiration dates can range from three, five or seven years. Planning departments require a Plan Approval to be submitted to review compliance with the original CUP. Maybe you want to modify some operating conditions in the previous approved CUP. The Plan Approval process will allow you to try and modify the conditions.

Art Rodriguez Associates will be there for your business when the time arrives to file a Plan Approval.


Other Land Use Entitlements

Public Convenience or Necessity

There will be occasions when the local governing body will require your business to create a justification of Public Convenience or Necessity (PCN) indicating how your business will provide a public convenience or how the business is a necessity for the surrounding area. Art Rodriguez Associates has successfully worked with numerous cities and counties on behalf of our clients to make a case as to why your business will provide a convenience and/or necessity. 

Zone Variance

Cities divide specific sections or tracts within its boundaries and designate a specific zone. If your business is located within a specific residential zone which the sale of alcoholic beverages is not allowed, a Zone Variance is required to make a special exception for your operation. Or maybe your business is operating near a 'sensitive use' (i.e., school, religious site, etc.) and is not permitted due to the vicinity, a Zone Variance will need to be filed with the planning department.